Warner Chappell Music

— UX/UI Design

Warner Chappell Music wanted to translate their royalties analytics web portal into a mobile app and to refresh the UI. This is where their music creators access data and numbers about their submitted work. As sole designer I was responsible for the UI design and developer handoff.

Agency: Glampire Labs


As the first step I mapped out the existing portal in a flowchart. I then analyzed opportunities of UX improvements and mapped out proposed changes with some rearrangement of how and where information could be presented.

For example, instead of hiding everything in a navigation as the existing site did, we emphasized on creating a visually pleasant dashboard as the entry point, which I presented in-person to get buy in from internal stakeholders. In the grand scheme of things I saw opportunities to add more features in the future.

I built a wireframe, presented it to the client team, and the client team conducted their internal due diligence throughout the process with their inter. I explored the UI and presented a prototype that was accepted without any change requests.

Full case study coming soon.


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