Music Web App

— UI Design

House Music Group is a content house that was in need of visual design development for their music sync licensing web service.

Setting the Stage

I was trusted to develop the visual mood and to refactor the existing UI. To kick off the project I created a moodboard that we aligned on.


What It Does

Visitors can browse, search, discover and play a rooster of artists and music that’s up for licensing. The goal with the project was to take the existing site and bring it up to the client’s style.


Kudos to Synchtank for creating such a robust portal

What We Did

With the vision aligned, I created a first draft and it was an instant hit. Within a couple of weeks 15+ desktop and mobile screens were redesigned or created from scratch and shipped for implementation.

pic pic pic pic

Some additional pages were needed to be created from scratch, such as an About, Careers and Opportunities page.

pic pic pic

Closing Thoughts

Be thorough in pre-prod, align expectations and vision(s), ask questions, give answers, and the work that follows shall be smooth sailing.

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